PJ LaMariana Lets His Heart Take The Reins On Debut Album ‘For You’

Article Contributed by Evergreen Ente… | Published on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

NYC based Americana jam-band mainstay PJ LaMariana follows the recent release of his debut single “Cold War” with his soulful debut album, For You, out December 22nd. LaMariana puts his entire chest into this album, exploring the colorful range of feelings — from longing, to despair, to hope — he discovers within himself through the stories told on For You. While primarily known as a bassist, he quells any doubts about his all-around musicianship through each of these 11 tracks; the artist dishes out heart-wrenching lyrics, groove-infused melodies, and smoother-than-butter vocals, all of which are caressed in an epic soundscape constructed with electric performances from a group of undeniably masterful instrumentalists. LaMariana is thrilled to bring the album to life on stage at NYC’s 11th St. Bar in East Village on December 29th. This album is a long-awaited moment for the artist in which he takes the spotlight with a voice finding a home at the center of attention. The songwriter named the album For You for a reason: LaMariana wants to share his catharsis-laced stories with the world, and that all starts with you. Fans can stream For You on all major streaming platforms on December 22nd.

PJ LaMariana is a New York City based musician, songwriter and performer. His music is both fresh and familiar; by blending emotive lyrics, soulful grooves, and heavy crescendos, PJ creates a bridge between genres. His music has been described as an amalgam of folk, R&B, and jamrock. The singer-songwriter’s colorful songwriting style is a direct product of his diverse experience as a professional bassist. Having played since grammar school, PJ grew up immersed in the sound of the 1970’s. Both of his parents were avid music fans and they took him to all the live music any child could ever wish for. They also had an eclectic, yet comprehensive, record collection. This early exposure had a significant impact on him and formed his soulful aesthetic.

A music lover at heart, PJ constantly finds himself seeking out live music to enjoy. His love and respect for the art of live performance is a key aspect of his artistic identity. PJ’s music is characterized by a contagious energy, thoughtfully crafted instrumentation, and an authentic relatability only demonstrated by seasoned musicians. In the last few years, PJ has taken a huge leap into the spotlight; having developed his guitar, vocal, and songwriting skills, this passionate musician found himself itching to bring the melodies that have meandered through his head over the years to life. After a chance reconnection with an old high school friend-turned-producer, Matt Pedrone, the two eagerly combined their talents and jumped into creating music together.

He reached out to Matt and the two immediately began again as if no time had passed; the pandemic, however, struck only a few short weeks into their renaissance. They formed a Covid pod with friends and family. At the first opportunity, their pod had a socially distant, awkward, get together. Always an instrument in hand, PJ played a song for Matt. The two snuck off and started tracking. Matt asked if he had more tunes and was surprised to learn that PJ indeed had tunes — lots of tunes. They began recording what would become PJ’s first solo record, For You. They created a perfectly imperfect record that is filled with hope, heartache, and grit. PJ and Matt have assembled a strong lineup of some of NYC’s finest musicians and are dedicated to sharing PJ’s songs. These are songs for everyone. These are songs for you.