John Inghram Balances Nostalgia And Innovation On Self-Titled Debut Album

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Monday, May 16, 2022

For bassist-turned-frontman John Inghram, the past is a complicated topic. “Like a lot of my fellow musicians, I spent much of my 20’s strung out, partying, and generally just made a lot of poor life choices,” Inghram explains. “A big part of making this album has been deciding that it’s not too late. All I’ve got is the now and I’m going for it.” The album he’s talking about is John Inghram, a debut album nearly two decades in the making during which Inghram spent time in more than a few notable musicians’ backing bands. “My whole career has been about serving other people, and other people’s music,” Inghram explains, “And that is beautiful. But there was some piece that I felt was missing as a creative. I needed to serve my own original music with the creation of this album.” And today, John Inghram is out and available for the world to hear. Fans can stream John Inghram at this link and be sure to check out Inghram’s performance on NPR’s Mountain Stage which begins airing today.