Jordan Merrick Releases 'The Waiting Blues'

Article Contributed by Kick Push PR | Published on Friday, October 1, 2021

With the soothing vulnerability of indie-folk and the intoxicating finesse of blues-rock, Brisbane’s Jordan Merrick is known for bringing a unique flavour to his sound, adroitly combining influential styles to deliver deeply ruminative music containing transformative abilities.

Dishing out a dynamic collection of blues-infused folk tunes this year with the release of ‘This Rainy Day’ and ‘Lonelier Than You’, Jordan Merrick is moving deeper into the seductive world of blues-rock with lovelorn new single ‘The Waiting Blues’ (out October 1), ahead of his upcoming album 'Waiting Blues', set to be released on November 5.

But first, moody and demanding ‘The Waiting Blues’ opens with a fingerpicked ukelele as trembling keys, a seductive bassline and quintessential blues-rock electric guitar riffs unveil a chorus of voices beginning a slow, summoning call, commanded by Merrick’s deep tones. Walking a lonely path through nostalgic towns, the song builds slightly with bursts of additional percussion as each chorus brings a changing desire, haunting in every yearning delivery. Filled with lust and longing, ‘The Waiting Blues’ transports us to a world with a jazz club on every corner, where the liquor is improvised and unregulated, while still offering glimpses of the modern world through Jordan’s eyes.

Using his knack for storytelling, Jordan Merrick wrote ‘The Waiting Blues’ as a tale of love lost, and the path taken to find it again, journeying through physical and spiritual obstacles. Merrick states:

“‘The Waiting Blues’ is a blues ballad about losing your love, retracing your steps and hoping to stumble upon it once again.”

Merrick's previous releases have seen support from Spotify 'Gentle Acoustic' playlist, Apple Music New Music Daily playlists, Triple J, Double J, ABC Radio, RAGE, MTV Australia, theMusic, Pile Rats, AU Review, Rhythms Mag and community radio where he has landed in the AMRAP charts a number of times.

The time for waiting is almost over as Jordan Merrick’s new single ‘The Waiting Blues’ is out on October 1, providing another insight into what can be expected from his upcoming album, to be released on November 5.