Kelsey Blackstone Releases 'Willow': A Dynamic Tale of Self-Discovery

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, May 30, 2024

The pop-soul upstart Kelsey Blackstone is back with her latest single, 'Willow,' a coming-of-age story with an arrangement as unpredictable as the artist herself. Blackstone's rise in the music world has been driven by her rare blend of meaningful storytelling and pop accessibility, both of which she showcases brilliantly on 'Willow.' This track is a meaningful tale of self-discovery set to dynamic funk-soul production.

“It’s about the never-ending journey of learning who you are,” says Kelsey, explaining the song’s inspiration. The narrative focuses on the coming-of-age of a young girl who watches everything in her life change, with the exception of a sturdy willow tree she once visited as a child.

To support the release of 'Willow,' Kelsey and her band are embarking on a major national tour, including stops in Nashville, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Additionally, an extensive viral campaign is planned to further amplify the song's reach.

Kelsey leads her bandmates through a thrillingly unconventional arrangement that evolves from soft-pop into an all-out rocker. Utilizing funky synthesizers, soulful horns, and her powerful vocals, 'Willow' is a track that will linger in your mind long after it has ended. The free-flowing instrumentation and passionate performance will appeal to fans of Lawrence, Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac, and Sara Bareilles.

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