Kristy Cox Ignites the Bluegrass Scene with New Album 'Let it Burn'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, June 16, 2024

Kristy Cox, the artist renowned for her grace and wisdom in the bluegrass world, continues to blaze a trail with her latest album, Let it Burn. Already topping the Billboard charts, this genre-bending release cements Cox's status as a dominant force in American traditional bluegrass, further establishing her legacy that began in Australia's country music scene, where she earned the title 'Queen of Bluegrass.'

Let it Burn showcases Cox's ability to blend traditional bluegrass with contemporary influences, offering a fresh and fiery take on evangelical gospel hymns. This unique passion shines through in every track, bringing a new energy to her already celebrated sound. Her lyrics, paired with the universal skill of Jerry Salley, form an iconic duo that transcends time, honoring the finger-picking and ‘stomp and holler’ tunes that have united instrument enthusiasts for years.

Teaming up with an all-star group of instrumentalists, Cox has taken her songwriting to new sonic heights. Robbie Morris lends his expertise on guitar and vocals, Wes Horton anchors the music with his upright bass, Grayson Tuttle adds the twang of the banjo, Ellie Hakanson brings the soulful fiddle, and David Freeman enriches the mix with his mandolin. Together, they create a duality in the instrumentals that Cox navigates eloquently throughout each song.

"Kristy Cox's career is truly on fire," said Salley. "Her latest work is a testament to her growth and tenacity as an artist, and Let it Burn is just the beginning of what promises to be a trailblazing journey in the American bluegrass scene."

As Cox's reputation for excellence in Australia continues to soar, her success in the United States is rapidly gaining momentum. With Let it Burn, she not only honors her roots but also sets a new standard for bluegrass music, letting her career burn brighter than ever before.

About Kristy Cox Kristy Cox is an award-winning bluegrass artist from Australia, known for her dynamic performances and heartfelt songwriting. With a career spanning over a decade, Cox has earned numerous accolades and chart-topping hits, solidifying her place as a leading voice in the bluegrass genre.