Live Lesson Masters Online Platform Debuts Today

Article Contributed by LiveLoud | Published on Monday, March 23, 2020

Today, Live Lesson Masters (LLM) announces its instruction-focused platform for online one-one-one and group lessons.

Co-founded by Alicia Karlin, VP of Global Touring and Talent at AEG Presents, and Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits, Live Lesson Masters was launched in response to the debilitating impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the global music community. Live Lesson Masters provides immediate revenue opportunities for participating “Master” instructors and helps keep fans connected to their favorite artists during the open-ended cancelation of live shows, festivals, and gatherings throughout the world.

Beyond the current landscape, LLM’s emergence points to the ever-evolving ways artists and fans engage. LLM forever up-levels fan experience possibilities by seamlessly integrating scheduling, virtual connectivity, and payment into a diverse and rapidly growing collection of offerings, including one-on-one “chill time” with your favorite artists, private and group yoga instruction, cooking lessons, and more.

At its launch, LLM hosts music Masters including all four members of The Disco Biscuits, members of Umphrey’s McGee, STS9 and Lotus, Robert Walter of The Greyboy Allstars, James Casey of Trey Anastasio Band, Tom Hamilton and Holly Bowling of Ghost Light, and many others. Yoga instructors include Hannah Muse and Aree Khodai (Arees Army). Initial cooking offerings are led by chef Melissa Harrison of Top Chef fame. New Lesson Masters, additional lesson types, options for all ages and experience levels, and other unique experiences will be added soon. The full list of LLM’s Master instructors at time of launch is included below. Visit to view complete current offerings.

As Alicia Karlin explains, “In a world where artists and fans are accustomed to using social media as the hub for their communities, Live Lesson Masters’ unique one-on-one offerings take the possibilities of connection much further. Right now, we are all feeling anxious about the current state of things. We hope Live Lesson Masters creates a space where engagement happens, and where people can use this time to further their own creative pursuits and leave their troubles at the door for a while.”

Marc Brownstein adds, “We wanted to provide a seamless platform for musicians and instructors to interface directly with the people. With the industry grinding to a halt, musicians across the country are eager to find new ways to connect with their fans. I have personally booked over 20 lessons with my fans in the first week of the quarantine, and immediately realized how exciting this opportunity could be for both the fans and my fellow musicians.”

Both Brownstein and Karlin have a reputation for supporting the non-profit sector of the music business. Brownstein is the co-founder of, the preeminent voter registration organization in the music space. Karlin is an executive board member of Conscious Alliance, a not-for-profit that has provided over 4.5 million meals to children and families in need via organizing food donations at music events. As part of LLM’s philanthropic ethos, a portion of all of LLM’s proceeds will be donated to a variety of organizations that support musicians and touring personnel in need. Central to the mission of supporting creatives, LLM is exploring options for a Lesson Master equity-share program.

To stay up to date on Live Lesson Masters, please visit

and the official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

The complete list of instructors at LLM’s launch is as follows (in alpha order):

Alana Rocklin          STS9

Allen Aucoin            The Disco Biscuits

Andy Frasco            Andy Frasco & The U.N.

Aree Khodai            Yoga – Arees Army

Aron Magner           The Disco Biscuits

Brendan Bayliss       Umphrey’s McGee

Danny Mayer           Eric Krasno Band / Star Kitchen

David Phipps           STS9

Deb Brownstein       Yoga

Hannah Muse          Yoga

Holly Bowling           Ghost Light

James Casey           Trey Anastasio Band

Joel Cummins          Umphrey’s McGee

Jon Barber               The Disco Biscuits

Kam Franklin           The Suffers

Lindsay Lou             Lindsay Lou

Marc Brownstein      The Disco Biscuits

Melissa Harrison      Chef

Mike Greenfield        Lotus

Robert Randolph      Robert Randolph

Robert Walter           The Greyboy Allstars

Ryan Stasik              Umphrey’s McGee

Tom Hamilton           Ghost Light / Joe Russo’s Almost Dead