Live From Vermont: Twiddle Delivers a Special Pair of Hometown Shows

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Monday, March 15, 2021

This past weekend, Vermont jam quartet Twiddle returned to the stage for the first time in 2021 for a pair of special live stream concerts from  The Double E in Essex, VT. Hosted in partnership with Fiddlehead Brewing, the virtual events featured carefully curated setlists, highlighting individual chapters of the band’s sixteen-year history. Performing a few short miles from Castleton, the rustic college town where the band started, the shows were a masterful depiction of the evolution of the signature sound Twiddle continues to refine.

The band kicked off night one (3/11/21) with a first set comprised of fan-favorite tracks from their 2017 release Plump Chapter One. After weaving together the first four songs of set one with a series of seamless segues, viewers were treated to an acoustic rendition of catalog rarity, “Dusk ’til Dawn,” led by drummer Brook Jordan on acoustic guitar and lead vocals. The opening set was highlighted by the debut of “Lost in the Rain,” a reggae mashup of originals “Lost in the Cold” and “When it Rains it Poors.”

Brook Jordan (center), leaves the kit for an acoustic “Dusk ‘Til Dawn”   Photo Credit:  Dave DeCrescente

Set two featured fresh takes on deep cuts from Twiddle’s early days, with all of the music coming from the band’s 2007 release, Natural Evolution of Consciousness. The nonstop six-song marathon provided a glimpse at Twiddle’s precise, genre-bending composition, contrasted by their unbridled, exploratory improvisation. The 75+ minute set was performed without a break.

Night two incorporated similar thematic elements to the previous show, with set one focusing on songs from Plump Chapter Two. For the second consecutive set, Twiddle performed without a pause, sandwiching multiple songs between distinct parts of “Orlando’s,” most notably an extended “Nicodemus Portulay,” complete with a “Find Frankenfoote” transmission.

Night two, set two contained some of Twiddle’s most recognizable tunes, focusing on music written for the 2011 release, Somewhere on the Mountain. The improv-heavy set included subtle odes to influential musical counterparts, including Papadosio and Phish teases in “Daydream Farmer” and “Frend’s Theme.” The band closed the run with an extended take on Tears For Fears’ 1982 hit, “Mad World.”

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Live From Vermont - Night One Setlist (3/11/21)

Set One: @

Syncopated Healing>

Every Soul>

River Drift>

Every Soul

Dusk Til Dawn $

Distance Makes The Heart ^

Lost In The Rain &

Zazu's Flight

Set Two: +

Frankenfoote >

Grandpa Fox >


Brown Chicken Brown Cow>


Subconscious Prelude


Caterpillar % >


$ Brook on Acoustic Guitar

^ Mihali on Acoustic Guitar

& Mashup of Lost in The Cold and a reggae version of When It Rains It Poors

%  With A Go Go by John Scofield teases


@ Set one was all songs off of plump chapter one + unreleased

+ Set two was all songs off of Natural Evolution of Consciousness + unrelease

Live From Vermont - Night Two Setlist (3/12/21)

Set One: @

Enter >

Orlando's >

Dinner Fork >

Nicodemus Portulay $ >

The Fantastic Tale of Ricky Snickle >

Slippin' In the Kitchen >


Set Two: %

Daydream Farmer ^>

Frends Theme & >

Apples # >



Earth Mama


Mad World+

$ With a "find Frankenfoote" Transmission

^ With Find Your Cloud by Papadosio Teases

& With Divided Sky Teases

# With Ghostbusters Theme tease

+ Tears for Fears

@ Set One was all songs from Plump Ch.2 and unreleased songs

% Set Two was all songs from Somewhere On The Mountain and unreleased songs