Local Music Review: Iconocaust

Article Contributed by derek | Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2005

For years Denver has been overlooked as a source for new music. Everyone knows about L.A, Seattle and New York but I guess the main stream media in this country figures Denver is backwater country town and if someone happens to come out of this area playing metal, rock, or rap it was just a fluke. Well some of the best metal I have heard in the last several years has all been in some of the local bars and warehouses in the Denver/Boulder area. RCA and Sony need to set up shop here in Denver if they want to get in on the new music revolution, L.A. and Seattle are running dry on inspiration these days with some of the same tired old themes repackaged for the masses.

I need to vent my frustration on the venue. The House of Rock located on 104th and Irma in Thornton Colorado. This is possibly the worst place in town to see a live band. The staff is friendly enough but the sound system is some 1970's era homemade crap. I have seen several bands here and every single time the sound quality was piss poor. Having watched some bands I am very familiar with (awesome bands that I have seen perform great shows at other clubs) I have been constantly disappointed. And so have the bands. No band that I have spoken to that has played there wants to go back. And I don't blame them. Not to mention the total lack of promotion for some great bands coming to play for free.

Being familiar with the club, I was planning on giving Iconocaust a bit of leeway with the sound quality. Was I blown away. Despite the horrid excuse for a sound system Iconocaust came rock and would not be defeated! Iconocaust is a death metal inspired band that will absolutely blow you away! If you are into Slayer, Iced Earth, Prong or Clutch then this is your new favorite band! These guys were pros from the beginning. They have been playing shows around Denver for a while and are used to playing for much bigger crowds and using top end PA systems, instead of complaining or screwing around like so many other bands I've seen, these guys took the stage with a vengeance.

Diving straight into an all original set, the driving guitars took over with a forceful rhythm and wow! Energy everywhere! This band is powered by a slamming double bass drummer with some intricate rhythm changes and a tempo fast enough to jump start your heart. And get this!! A death metal inspired band with a chick for a drummer! At barely 5 feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds (with the drum stix) Lisa sets the pace for highly addictive and head banging guitar rhythms from Shred and Matt that stick with you long after the show ends. Shred's dark lyrics and Jason's never say slow down bass playing are complimented by some guitar soloing that I have rarely seen in such a young local band. Iconocaust has the total package, talent, creativity, and something lacking in a lot of modern bands, stage presence. When they are on stage you know it, and you must listen, you won't be ignoring this band while you play a game of pool. This band is a must see. My suggestion is to go see them now before you will have to fork over the bucks to see them. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their first CD and my prediction is they will get picked up by a major label.

Iconocaust definitely rocked the House of Rock. Before the end of the first song a couple of people were even trying to start a pit, had House of Rock bothered to advertise the entire house would have been a pit in minutes. This band passed the ultimate test for me, the second I came home I had to pick up my guitar and start ripping out death metal licks (Tip for the guys, playing death metal at 3 am is not the way to promote a healthy relationship with your girlfriend, especially if she was asleep and had to be to work at 7).

Iconocaust will be playing at Pinky's at 104th and Harlan across from the Westminster Mall on weds the 12th at 9:30 P.M. (note: Pinky's has an awesome sound system and video capabilities, so this should be an awesome show) they will also be playing at Cricket on the Hill Nov 14th at 9:00 P.M. For more information or to contact the band go to: http://iconocaust.metalevolution.com or http://www.myspace.com/iconocaust