Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

LPT, the fast-rising 10-piece orchestra out of Jacksonville, FL, are quickly becoming the ambassadors of Salsa and Afro-Cuban music in the Southeast. Their high energy and thought-provoking take on Salsa Dura (Hard Salsa) is captured on their upcoming debut album Sin Parar, due out in January 2020. Their new single “Sin Parar,” which is also the title track is set for release on November 29th.

LPT came together with the mission of keeping legit ‘Descarga’ salsa alive. Formed in 2015, the crew realized that playing salsa music was a way to share the diversity of the area with a new, young audience, while still giving the seasoned salsa veterans a taste of that old school.

The lead single “Sin Parar,” which translates to “non-stop” aims to not only move the dancers, but also encourages its listeners to contemplate and critically think of what’s going on around them. Lead vocalist Josué A. Cruz says, “The inspiration for the single is the feeling we all get from the machine. ‘The Machine’ as a metaphor for life, work, tech, and family going non-stop.” He adds, “As a band we decided that if the machine is going to march on without stopping then so are we. It’s almost innate in the metaphor that you have to keep marching on if the machine is marching on. It’s the only way to deal with the grinding of the gears and nerves.”

The high energy of the song is complemented by the frantic and agitated lyrics of Cruz who expresses that, “nothing is more frenetic than modern-day living and I composed the lyrics to complement the madness of the music.”

In the spirit of similar genre-pushing groups like Grupo Fantasma and Bio Ritmo, LPT aims to bring thought-provoking lyrics and topics to a genre of music not normally associated with it. The band concludes, “Salsa music, and Latin music as a whole, is easily characterized as simple party music with whimsical lyrics, and there is a place for that. Yet, there is a rich tradition of music with substance in our genre. Music created on the street is going to have something to say about said street. We hope to humbly add our fingerprint to the thought-provoking canon.”


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Milan Algood – Timbales, Vox

Josué A. Cruz – Lead Vox

Angel Garcia – Keys, Vox

Mike Emmert – Baritone Sax

Bryant Patterson – Trombone

Jonah Pierre – Bongo & Bell

Stan Piper – Bass

Juan Carlos Rollan – Tenor Sax, Vox

JP Salvat – Congas

Steve Strawley – Trumpet