Lua Flora Shows Folk & Reggae Mix With New Single

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, May 14, 2021

Asheville-based, Lua Flora’s newest single, “Little Butterfly” fuses acoustic folk, with the laid-back rhythms of reggae & world music. Featuring Richard Vagner (Jaden Smith, SOJA, Trevor Hall), the song is beautifully introduced with a full string arrangement, and a subtle choir following later in the song.

Based on a collection of Alan Watts’ lectures, “Little Butterfly” explores the connectivity of human beings to every living organism, and how this relates to a positive mindset. Vocalist Evan Button, says “Little Butterfly came out of the need to not feel lonely when I moved to a new city. Through those lectures, I found that I was surrounded by everything I needed.”

The cello-like bass line of Sean Gorham and bluegrass-inspired mandolin leads from Hinton Edgerton meet the violin with ease and grace, while percussion from Austin Martin adds rhythmic depth to the song. Recorded in Flat Rocks’ ‘Sedgwick Studios’, “Little Butterfly” stays true to its mountain roots.

A special thanks to Karl Roth for his production and vocal work.

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