Lucy Lu Captures the Lasting Joy Created by Family Pets

Article Contributed by PLA Media | Published on Monday, October 16, 2017

Kimberley Dahme, the world-renowned bassist that captured the iconic hits of BOSTON for over a decade both on tour and in the studio, premieres a country and rock fused tune Lucy Lu raising awareness for “Adopt-A-Dog” Month. Mixed by the four-time Grammy-Award Winning Mark Capps and produced by Justin Peters, Lucy Lu is available via Platinum Planet Records on iTunes and all major online retailers.

"It's a sweet song about a very loving dog our family was blessed to have in her senior years,” says Kimberley.  “I believe all animal lovers have had a 'Lucy Lu' at one time in their lives. I hope you enjoy it and consider bringing a shelter pet into your home.  There are so many worthy animals just waiting for a home at your local shelter.”

Justin Peters, President of Platinum Planet Records, proudly stated, "Platinum Planet Records is thrilled to be releasing this Kimberely Dahme single.  As the producer of this track, I really believe we created a meaningful, cool and commercial radio smash. She's a world class talent. She is also a huge advocate for animals, especially dogs. This song is for animal lovers anywhere and everywhere."

This song was penned by eight writers, Kimberley Dahme, Justin Peters, Victoria Jackson (from Saturday Night Live), Carolyn Cogswell, Jeremy Duff, Omar Lagudali, Laura Moore and Steven Rupe, that collaborated at the Oak Island Songwriting Camp which is hosted by Songs for the Planet. Lucy Lu’s release coincides with the acknowledgement from both the ASPCA and American Humane Society that October would be recognized as “Adopt-A-Dog” and “Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog” Month. According to the American Humane Society, there are over three million animals annually that are waiting for homes across the U.S. Kimberley hopes this song will encourage listeners to take action to find their own Lucy Lu