Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Saturday, June 4, 2022

For over a decade, Colorado-based jam quartet Magic Beans have built a loyal nationwide following nationwide through incredible songwriting and a steady creative output. Unzipped, the band’s forthcoming LP, is an invigorating leap down a musical path untraveled for the hard-touring musicians. Known for engaging performances defined by extensive melodic exploration and polyphonic harmony, the Beans' newest project showcases adept musicianship through crisp, concise production. The self-produced psychedelic-soul work draws heavily on rich influences ranging, from J-Dilla to Tom Misch.

"This record is pretty much a Magic Beans alter ego, one of our split personalities. We took an experimental approach diving into the lo-fi instrumental realm, using analog synths, tape machines, and vintage gear," reflected guitarist Scott Hachey. "There's a lot of influence from producers and collectives like Timbaland, Souliquarians, and Vulfpeck - musicians who developed a signature vibe solely through the instruments and recording equipment they had access to. We want the instrumentals to exist as they are and carry wherever you wanna go, without lyrical direction. All around its a just a little sexy side piece of an album for our fans to enjoy.

Accompanying the album is a fresh new single called “Stank Eye.” The toe-tapping tune stylishly carries an infectious groove through multiple genres, infusing modern sound with the inviting warmth of old-school production. Magic Beans enlisted the support of close friends and family for the official music video, capturing vibrant scenes from an evening soiree.



Reflecting on the creation of the song, Hachey adds, “Stank Eye is a sassy and sexy track with a little swagger to the melody. We used a 1950’s ribbon microphone to capture a lot of the drum sound and sent that through my Japanese reel-to-reel for even more flavor. It’s an ode to retro recording techniques with some new school energy. Just play it.”

Magic Beans will take the new Unzipped tracks on tour this summer, embarking on a string of festival appearances, including Paradise Music and Beer Festival (Covington, KY), Trout Stock 2022 (Coeymans Hollow, NY), and Jam Packed Craft Beer & Music Festival (Richmond, VA). For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit the band's website.

The four musicians will kick off the summer with the tenth iteration of Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival, running June 23-25, 2022. Since its creation, Beanstalk has emerged as one of Colorado's premier festivals, known for a laid back atmosphere, outstanding lineup, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Top-tier nationwide talent including Dopapod, The Main Squeeze, Aqueous, and Orchard Lounge, are scheduled to appear.

The picturesque festival site is nestled right along the Colorado River is the gorgeous Rancho Del Rio, a perfect location for rafting, biking, hiking, tubing, and more. Revelers cap off daylong activity with jam-packed evenings featuring a wide variety of nationally acclaimed artists.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit

Magic Beans Live at The Ogden Theatre 4/3/2022 - Photo: Tara Gracer