Members of Pink Talking Fish & Kung Fu Release Video

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Pandemic has affected every facet of the music industry...artists, promoters, agents, managers, crew and countless others. These people were the first ones out of work and will likely be the last to return when the world opens back up. For music lovers, there has been a huge void during this challenging time since live music can be an important way to fill people with happiness and provide a place for friends to gather.

Creativity and artistic inspiration live on and, even in a Pandemic, silver linings still can shine through. Marble Eyes, based in the New Hampshire Seacoast and featuring members of national acts Pink Talking Fish and Kung Fu, formed in the worst of times. The players got together for some outdoor sessions just for fun and quickly formed a connection which resulted in a collection of songs that are filled with emotion inspired by the wild world of 2020. One song in particular titled “Stop The Music”, a Pandemic Anthem penned by Marble Eyes keyboardist Max Chase, was ready just a couple days before the band’s first live performance and tells a story we all know too well right now.

Marble Eyes

Last week, Eric Gould (bassist of Pink Talking Fish & Marble Eyes) was feeling the hurt of the Pandemic when a Pink Talking Fish show scheduled on the rooftop of Nectars in Burlington, VT got cancelled due to weather. The band worked hard planning a very special performance and, once again, the opportunity got taken away. Doing what he does best, Gould channeled that energy towards something inspirational and created the accompanying video for the Marble Eyes track “Stop The Music”.

Gould gathered a collection of Pandemic inspired phrases displayed on venue marquees and also incorporated organizations that have provided support and financial assistance to the live events industry. He also added a display of successful live music productions that have been happening along with images of fans experiencing joy at these events.

Marble Eyes is showing their support to the many people around the world and everyone in the live music scene affected by COVID-19 with the creation of this music video. We hope it brings YOU some joy & hope!

Quote from Eric Gould:

"Somehow, in these challenging times, we have formed a new band that fills us with joy and inspiration. We call the Marble Eyes sound “Rock and Roll For The Soul” because it has brightened our souls and we hope that carries through to people who are lifted by the power of music. The whole scene and the whole industry feel the effects of this Pandemic. We really captured a lot of these feelings with “Stop The Music”. Creativity will spread light through the darkness. Marble Eyes is dedicated to keeping that light shining with our songs and performance."