Marble Eyes

Ascending rock ensemble Marble Eyes is thrilled to unveil their highly anticipated sophomore album, Hunting with Comets. Rooted in the heart of the Northeast, the quartet, known for their signature "Rock & Roll for the Soul," continues to push the envelope with their unique blend of soulful harmonies, infectious energy, and complex musical narratives.

Northeast rock quartet Marble Eyes, the collective that has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of “rock & roll for the soul,”  is thrilled to announce the release of their second single, "It's Your World (We’re Just Livin’ In It)," from their much-anticipated sophomore album, Hunting with Comets.

Marble Eyes, the promising rock collective that's been dubbed "Rock & Roll for the Soul," is set to release "Truth,"  a brand new single from their forthcoming sophomore studio album, Hunting with Comets. This latest offering is slated to arrive on August 25th, providing fans a taste of what's to come in November.

Creativity can thrive in the darkest times. Marble Eyes was born out of the 2020 Pandemic. Live music came to a halt and this group of musicians from the New Hampshire Seacoast decided to band together and create a collection of music that is best described as “Rock and Roll For The Soul.”

Seacoast, NH-based supergroup Marble Eyes will release their second single “You Can’t Fool Me” on September 23rd. Formed out of the pandemic, the group is comprised of nationally touring artists Eric Gould (Pink Talking Fish), Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu), Mike Carter (The Indobox), and Max Chase (Amulus).

While the pandemic seemed to bring most of the world to a standstill, it was the catalyst to create a burst of positive energy and birth the larger than life “rock & roll for the soul” supergroup, Marble Eyes.

Marble Eyes has released 2021 Spring and Summer Tour Dates.  The band formed amidst the pandemic and consists of member of Pink Talking Fish, Kung Fu, The Indobox and more.  Using the downtime from touring to create something positive and fresh, Marble Eyes wrote over 40 original songs together and have debuted many of them over the course of 2021 during their “Marble Eyes Mondays” Livestream Series, which featured a free brand-new concert every other Monday through April.

Marble Eyes is a fresh new band that has formed amidst the pandemic. The band is a collection of national artists which include Eric Gould from Pink Talking Fish and Adrian Tramontano from Kung Fu. Based in Portsmouth NH, the group has made an impact during this challenging year with its soulful sound and brought joy to people across the country by creating brand new inspirational music.

The Pandemic has affected every facet of the music industry...artists, promoters, agents, managers, crew and countless others. These people were the first ones out of work and will likely be the last to return when the world opens back up. For music lovers, there has been a huge void during this challenging time since live music can be an important way to fill people with happiness and provide a place for friends to gather.

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