The Mighty Pines

As the moon slid gracefully between the Earth and the sun, the sky transformed into a masterpiece of deep indigo. A transcendental shade, indigo knows and holds the universe's secrets within its depths. The celestial dance summoned the wizard of cosmic wonders, weaving a tapestry of wonder together for all who bravely gazed upon its majesty.

St-Louis-based roots rockers The Mighty Pines are pleased to release their latest album, Late Last Night. Produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, the album stretches out with a sonic spaciousness, allowing the band’s tight harmonies and lead vocals to weave above, under, and around their exquisite playing, and to slide effortlessly from roots and folk ballads to rock and soul.

The Mighty Pines recently released their latest single “Time Slows Down” from their upcoming album Late Last Night. Stream here.

Midwest-based roots rockers The Mighty Pines release their latest single “Thoughts Come Rushing” from their upcoming album Late Last Night. Stream here.

Midwest-based roots rockers The Mighty Pines release their latest single “Late Last Night”. Stream here. Produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, “Late Last Night” showcases the band’s soulful vocals and captivating melodies. The track opens with shimmering guitars, launching into a harmony-drenched rocker that evokes the guitar-and-vocal drive of the early Doobie Brothers.

The Mighty Pines take on The Rolling Stones’ classic in their latest single, “Wild Horses”. The roots rock quartet release “Wild Horses” just ahead of their headlining East Coast tour, where they will visit cities such as Nashville, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Boston. They will also be opening for The Commonheart at Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Unlike larger festivals, Shoe Fest is a unique festival, in that it offers patrons folk-rooted music with multiple interactive experiences. The main focus of the festival is on bringing people of all ages together to relish in a carefree community where they can leave their busy lives behind and actually have a good time.

The Mighty Pines are a soul-inspired roots rock band influenced by the wide rivers and red-brick streets of St. Louis. With soaring vocals and thoughtful composition, the two principle songwriters shift the band’s sound from catchy rock ‘n’ roll to earthy instrumentals. The Riverfront Times heralds the band as “a talented young quartet engaged in the roots and rhythms of bluegrass but mixed with a more contemporary ear for harmony and production.”

The Mighty Pines, soul-inspired roots rock band, are excited to announce they are releasing their latest single titled “Heart of Steel” on Sept. 21.

“Heart of Steel” will be The Mighty Pines’ second single recorded with Tim Carbone and was recorded in Denver in February.

I had one question as I was pulling into Bean Blossom, Indiana for this year’s John Hartford Memorial Festival. “Can they keep the spirit of this thing alive with continued success?” There is something different and special happening in this event, and we all know what happens when beautiful special things really take off and become tremendously successful. I didn’t doubt that I was about to take part in something truly good, but I was – let’s say worried. I don’t want to see this festival lose its way.

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