My Brightest Diamond: Shark Remixes | Review

Article Contributed by stieber | Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When I first heard the word remix I was a bit skeptical. Many of the remixes I have listed to over the years have been nothing more than a cheap and easy way for the record companies to make money. Throw down some new backgrounds and you have yourself a remix. My Brightest Diamond’s Shark Remixes are the furthest thing from sounding budget.

Shark Remixes is a textbook example of the elements that go into creating a high quality remix. You take strong vocals and pair them with a new accompanying sound to create an entirely new song. What makes this remix unique is that the listener gets four remixes by four separate artists. Each artist has their own volume. The four artists are Alfred Brown, DM Stith, Son Lux and Roberto Carlos Lange. Although the remixes are different, they work well together in a set. The common element in all of them is Shara Worden’s strong vocals are pushed to front on all of the tracks. Her voice jumps out of the speakers. All four remixers were good at creating a sound that complements her vocals.

If you are a fan of My Brightest Diamond, I would say this set is a must have. All four volumes offer a little something different. Volume 1 (Brown) has Worden’s vocals paired with a classical orchestral arrangement. Volume 2 (DM Stith), my personal favorite, has more of a dance background with elements of funk laced through it. Volumes 3 (Lux) and 4 (Lange) sound a bit softer with random ambient sounds creating a complex layered background. In the end, the strength of this album is evident when considering all 4 volumes are incredibly well crafted.

Score: 5


1 –3: I was impaired in some way when I bought this album (it’s embarrassing)

4: A few decent tracks, nothing memorable. Selling it back to the record store

5: Some great tracks, a solid album

6: One of the better albums I have listed to

7: These are very few and far between. Flawless from top to bottom