Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Naya Rockers are excited to announce their new single Reggae Train Dub ft. Johnny Clark, a Mad Professor Remix. The legendary producer gives the dub treatment to “Reggae Train,” a highlight from the band’s album Naya Sound System. Last year, the Naya Rockers released the remastered edition of the much-loved 2014 studio album. Reggae Train Dub ft. Johnny Clark a Mad Professor Remix is due out April 7th! Pre-save and order here:

The critically acclaimed and renowned sound system producer Mad Professor is a disciple of Lee Scratch Perry. His Dub me Crazy albums catapulted the genre into the digital age in the 80’s during a time when electronic productions took over. By the mid-'90s, he brought the sound full circle by debuting a more retro-sounding style on the Black Liberation Dub series. A truly gifted producer and musician and with his own studio and label, Ariwa Studios, he created some of the finest British reggae productions of the era. Working with Mad Professor on the new single was a dream come true for the Naya Rockers. The band recalls, "It was a collaborative dream that originated in Jamaica and continued in England, bearing the mark of Mad Professor." Looking back at the new remix, Mad Professor added, "The remix is like looking at a project through X-Ray Eyes, Big Up to the band Naya Rockers!!!"

The remix “Reggae Dub Train” single features the lyrics and vocals of Johnny Clarke who is one of Jamaica's most outstanding vocal talents. His ability to write new lyrics, mostly in a cultural vein, to classic rocksteady hits opened the dancehall door for vocalists, and most critics acknowledge him as the first of the dancehall singers. Putting his trademark sound on the single, Johnny Clarke’s vocals are given the dubby reverb by the outstanding Mad Professor remix.

The remixed single is from the Naya Sound System album which first came about when Nathan Sabanayagam, drummer and one half of the Naya Rockers duo, started traveling to Kingston, Jamaica in 2004. Through his time there Nathan created the Naya Sound System album comprised of 9 songs that catalogs his time in Jamaica - the talent he met,worked with and was inspired by. Nearly a decade later, The Naya Rockers remastered their iconic record to stunning audio effect. They recall, “The new release/re-release is a look back for me, a reflective moment where I can revisit my early work and see where I have been,” said Sabanayagam. “As a fan and dedicated student of reggae, I have gone to the source and have been fortunate enough to drink from the well,” he added.

Naya Sound System was Nathan’s master class in the business of music. He recalls, “I had to use all the skills I had in order to finish this project and learn a few more. From learning the musical landscape of Kingston to the best way to record vocals in the field. Rebuilding riddims, working with artists, contracts, copyrights, PRO’s at the same time trying to maintain a consistent vision.” He continues, “I always enjoy working and collaborating best. But the nature of this project required that it mostly came from me and it is my interpretation and take of this style and genre. It is what’s in my ears.”

And with the new remix, Nathan continues to evolve by taking the classic release into new refreshing directions. Johnny Clarke’s vocals were recorded in Jamaica at M-Box by Nathan, the song was re-mastered at Chillhouse Studios is Boston by Will Holland and Nathan Sabanayagam. The remix was Dubbed by Mad Professor at his Ariwa Studios in the UK.

Naya Rockers new single Reggae Train Dub ft. Johnny Clark, a Mad Professor Remix will be available on April 7th. Nathan concludes, "Working with Johnny Clarke was an awesome and unforgettable experience and now dubbing with the Mad Professor has taken it to the next level"

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