Nefesh Mountain Releases “Somewhere On This Mountain” Featuring Jerry Douglas

Article Contributed by Morris Public … | Published on Sunday, May 2, 2021

“Somewhere On This Mountain” premieres today as the second song and video from Nefesh Mountain’s upcoming Songs For The Sparrows album. The track features award-winning musician Jerry Douglas as special guest.

Throughout Songs for the Sparrows, Nefesh Mountain illuminates its gift for imbuing old-soul wisdom into songs with a potent sense of urgency. On “Somewhere On This Mountain,” written by the bands’ founders Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff, they deliver a confessional performance that precisely captures the anxiety so endemic to modern times, but in the end provides some much-needed solace—thanks in no small part to the track’s softly shimmering tones and soul-soothing harmonies.

“The song is a duet, and since we are also husband and wife, it is somewhat autobiographical in nature,” says Lindberg. “But it also speaks to any two people who are trying to connect in a world where it is all too difficult and seemingly impossible. The idea is that even if we disagree, don’t see eye to eye, or can’t even physically see each other, we still all have to coexist on the ‘mountain.’”

So I don’t mind the days

I’m on the uphill climb

Or when I’m lost

Among the mist and the trees

Or when I lie awake

Under a lonesome sky

If you’re somewhere on this mountain with me

Zasloff adds, “We’ve had the amazing privilege of collaborating with some of our very favorite musicians for this album, and Jerry Douglas is not only a long-time hero of ours but has also become a very dear friend over the years, as well. “Somewhere On This Mountain” begins with Eric playing one the song's central themes; a hypnotic, looping, cross-picking guitar part, while Jerry paints these broad strokes in the background evoking images of forests, rivers, and clouds passing by. I think people will see that visual come to life in the video."