Nerd Salad’s debut album “Press Start” drops June 3rd, 2022

Article Contributed by Jesse Hermann | Published on Monday, May 9, 2022

Nerd Salad’s debut album “Press Start'' continues to build upon the band’s eclectic yet accessible sound that they established on their 2017 EP “Your Father and I Aren’t Angry, We’re Just Disappointed”.

Guitarists/vocalists Sean Lippin and Nick Cerbone grew up together in Westchester County, New York, sharing a mutual love for music. The two friends performed together in school musicals, took guitar lessons at the same music school in high school, and attended SUNY College at Oneonta together. They would frequently meet up during semesters and school breaks to experiment with different styles and sounds. 

Upon graduating, Sean and Nick began writing songs together and found a rhythm section to gig around Westchester, Rockland, and NYC with. Over time, they found a common vision. The massive effort of creating and supporting a band resulted in many challenges along the way. They struggled just to find the right musicians to play with and many left to other callings. 

Sean and Nick eventually recruited the powerhouse rhythm section of Frankie Cicciarello (Gallons of Pork) on bass and John Marc Degaard (The Surrealist) on drums to solidify the band's lineup. The band’s chemistry and versatility is displayed on “Press Start” as they effortlessly switch between various genres including odd-metered math rock at break neck tempos, dynamic alt rock, and instrumental jams with lengthy solos reminiscent of a late night set at your favorite festival. 

The band worked with producer and recording/mixing technician Nate Jesensky at Greenpoint Recording Collective Studio in Brooklyn, NY to bring their seven track LP to living color.

Nerd Salad looks forward to celebrating their album release on 6/3 at Peekskill Brewery with more summer and fall shows to be announced soon! 

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Sean Lippin at (914) 391-6691 or e-mail [email protected].

“Dogmeat” Single Release - May 13th 2022

Nerd Salad’s unique ability to craft catchy and thrilling material is laid out on their lead single “Dogmeat” from their debut LP “Press Start”. “Dogmeat” features a spacy and alluring guitar intro, groovy drums throughout the verse, an anthemic chorus, and an explosive instrumental bridge. The lead single is a long time fan favorite, as Nerd Salad played this song at their first show back in 2016.

“Flake” Single Release - May 27th 2022

“Flake”,  Nerd Salad’s second single from their debut LP “Press Start” explores the sounds of math rock and psychedelia. In “Flake”, the band navigates abrupt time signature and tempo changes, with colorful layers of lush synthesizers mixed in, and a melodious guitar hook worked in throughout the song.


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