Sean Lippin Unveils Bright, Poppy, Catchy New Single "Run Away"

Article Contributed by Jesse Hermann | Published on Friday, May 10, 2024

Westchester County-based singer-songwriter Sean Lippin is set to captivate audiences with the release of his latest single, "Run Away." Known for his emotive lyrics and smooth vocals, Lippin's newest track promises to resonate deeply with listeners around the globe.

"Run Away" is a heartfelt exploration of the universal desire to escape the pressures of modern life and find solace in freedom. Lippin pens lyrics that reflect the daily struggles of trying to maintain sanity in a world driven by constant pressure to perform and succeed. Growing up in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York, Sean’s music channels feelings of openness and honesty with a slight edginess and a touch of humor. "Don’t explode; the sun still shines," he writes as a method of keeping perspective on the bigger picture of life while managing intense emotions. Through emotive storytelling and lush melodies, Lippin invites listeners on a journey of self-reflection and liberation.

Produced by acclaimed producer Matt Graff at The Koop Studio, "Run Away" boasts a rich sonic landscape that seamlessly blends elements of indie rock, folk rock, and pop rock. The result is a dazzling sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Lippin shares, "'Run Away' is about breaking free from the shackles of society and embracing the true essence of who we are. It's a reminder to follow our hearts and escape reality fearlessly."

With its infectious hooks and irresistible melodies, "Run Away" is poised to become a standout track in Lippin's repertoire. Already generating buzz among fans and critics alike, the single is primed to make a significant impact on music lovers.

Sean looks forward to celebrating the release on May 23rd at The Garage at Lucy’s in Pleasantville, NY.

Upcoming Performances:

    5/23 - Lucy’s - Pleasantville, NY
    6/1 - RiverArts Music Tour - Hastings, NY
    6/7 - Argonne Rose Brewery - Mohegan Lake, NY
    7/6 - Saratoga Farmers’ Market - Saratoga Springs, NY
    7/13 - Unified Beerworks - Malta, NY

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About Sean Lippin:

Born and raised in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York, Sean Lippin writes and sings original songs that reflect his environment and unique experiences.

Sean seeks to strike the balance between being a city kid and nature lover in his songs, such as "Hazy Day" and his previous release, "Nothing on Our Minds." Sean engages his audience with backstories from his own life, while weaving imagery of nature and values of friendship and family.