The No Ones 'The Great Lost No Ones Album' Out Now

Article Contributed by Yep Roc Records | Published on Friday, April 3, 2020

The No Ones debut album, The Great Lost No Ones, is out today on Yep Roc Records.

With a lineup that stretches from Norway through Athens, Georgia to the Northwest corner of the United States, the band consists of members from R.E.M.; I Was A King, The Minus 5, The Baseball Project, etc., The No Ones are classic two guitars, bass, and drums, sounding like what you might expect, only different, more-so, and better!

Recorded in June 2017 at Type Foundry in Portland, OR, the 13-track album was produced by Adam Selzer (M. Ward), the album is about the usual: abduction, interstellar mysteries, witchcraft, climate change, gentrification, and the desolation of the soul, their vocal harmonies and psychedelic flourishes fuse the sunny turbulent sounds of the ‘60s with the darkness and decay of present day. It’s like Portland and Norway in a blender.

Guest appearances on the album include Patterson Hood (“Straight Into The Bridge” and “Sweet Home Mississippi”), Darren Hanlon (“All You Need Is Rain,” “Too Blind To Believe, “Turn Again”), Andrew Reiger and Davey Wrathgabar (“Dream Something Else”), Lucy Parnell (“Sun Station Vadsø”), and Debbi Peterson (“Gone”).

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The Great Lost No Ones Tracklisting:

1. No One Fails Alone

2. (Going Back To) Stockholm Syndrome

3. Clementine

4. Straight Into The Bridge

5. All You Need Is Rain

6. Sun Station Vadsø

7. Cinnamon Roll Hair

8. Dream Something Else

9. Saucerful of Nothing

10. Too Blind To Believe

11. Gone

12. Sweet Home Mississippi

13. Turn Again