Article Contributed by Nettwerk Music Group | Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

North Carolina duo Beta Radio is proud to announce their sixth studio album Waiting for the End to Come due out on July 19th. After over a decade as bandmates and close friends, Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman broke the mold when they went to Nashville to record their upcoming release. For the first time in their careers, they opened up their process to the outside world, working with new songwriters, and the result was something magical. “Halfway in a Dream” is the latest look into Beta Radio’s new era. The transformative folk ballad is about the epiphany of living life in a haze. The emotive lyrics and haunting harmonies encapsulate the pull of regret and the yearning for human connection.

Listen to “Halfway in a Dream” on all digital retailers HERE and watch the music video HERE.

"’Halfway in a Dream’ is a song about the liminal place between being awake and asleep, not just literally, but also in the sense of feeling ungrounded, and in the strange terrain of a relationship that is unraveling.  Sometimes, when the strain of tension becomes a line to thin to walk, and all the attempts you make to correct it are fruitless… it feels like there’s nowhere to go, and you’re stuck ‘halfway’ and ‘in between,” reflects Ben.

“Halfway in a Dream” follows recent singles “This One’s Going to Hurt” and “Floating Through,” which will appear on the new album due out July 19th via Nettwerk. Pre-save HERE.

On Waiting for the End to Come, Beta Radio is not just on the verge of something new; they are in the midst of it. Recorded during a weeklong retreat in Nashville, the two longtime friends, Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman share a creative experience that bordered on the spiritual.

“That whole week flew by,” Brent adds, “and it was like we were living on a high. It was the first time we were writing songs this quickly.”

If 2021’s Year of Love is about searching for language, answers, and love – Waiting for the End to Come is about finding it. The songs are grounded in a physicality that’s gorgeously set against the sonic wall of acoustic guitars, strings, and the harmonies for which Beta Radio has become so well known. Every song has such an expansive sound for a band that routinely reaches emotional heights while soaring on mystical themes.

Waiting for the End to Come tracklist:
1.    The Grief Of
2.    Floating Through
3.    This Ones Going To Hurt
4.    Imitate A Feast
5.    Halfway In A Dream
6.    When You Got Your Hook In Me
7.    Rolling Away
8.    Find Someone
9.    Wheel of Wonder
10.    Waiting For The End To Come