Now Available For Pre-Order: Dave’s Picks Volume 30

Article Contributed by | Published on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Who's up for a revolutionary evolutionary ride? DAVE'S PICKS VOLUME 30: FILLMORE EAST, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 1/2/70 captures the Grateful Dead as they make their first foray from the experimental 60s into their early 70s acoustic Americana period. Yes, this one is a little bit country and a little bit (psychedelic) rock and roll.

When the "Magnificent Seven" - Pigpen on percussion, T.C. on keys - first took the stage on 1/2/70, evidence was clear that the trip was about to take a turn. From their western wears to the twang in Jerry’s “broken-string blues,” it appeared they'd brought the Bakersfield sound to the Big Apple. They worked through much of what would become Workingman's Dead, stunning the crowd with laid-back numbers like "Uncle John's Band," "Casey Jones," and "Black Peter." Just the same, they satisfied 60s stalwarts with magical versions of "Dark Star," "St. Stephen," and "That's It For The Other One." Sonic alchemy, indeed!

DAVE'S PICKS VOLUME 30: FILLMORE EAST, NEW YORK, New York 1/2/70 has been rounded out with a bit of 1/3/70 (the subscribers-only bonus disc features the bulk of 1/3/70). It was recorded by the great Owsley "Bear" Stanley and has been lovingly mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman.

DAVE'S PICKS VOLUME 30 is limited to 20,000 individually-numbered copies*.