Organic Fest Reveals Full 2017 Lineup

Article Contributed by Euphoric Styles | Published on Monday, August 7, 2017

Organic Fest returns to the Blue Mountain Event Center this August 11, 12 and 13, rage with us in the space between treble and bass! Set in the verdant mountains of Calaveras County just three hours out from San Francisco, Organic Fest is an intimate experience unlike any other camping music festival.

The organizers—Organic Events, Flatline Events, Euphoric Styles, Modern Illusion and Antidote Events—have collaborated with the grassroots leaders of the Cali festy scene to handcraft you an thumping bass experience.

Tickets are still available—now at $150 and will jump to $160 at the Box Office—this year's headliners are Paper Diamond, Mount Eden, Bleep Bloop, CloZee, Mistah Fab  and over forty other artists.

Bring your friends if they're down with the subs, our Festival Family pack includes four tickets and a car camping pass for $450.

Organic Fest bloomed fully in its' first year, this year the organizers have tighter their verdant vision into a sharper focus.

Our goal is to bring everyone into a family gathering before the mainstage. Organic believes when there's too many sides offered, it distracts from the juicy main course.

Organic will feature two stages, the Main Stage and our Side Stage.

Trust us, this year's Main Stage is dripping with the best of Cali Bass.

Side Stage music starts at 12pm and at 7pm the mainstage kicks off while all the Side Stage winds down. The Main Stage will rage until 7am.

Whoever dances the full 57 hours at Organic is the Marathon Master!

A plethora of artistic talent is attending, featuring grandiose live art and a swath of vendor installations. Support local a craftsperson, find the latest fest-fashions at our vendor row.

Another new installation is our featured bar which will serve locally brewed beers, premium liquors and mix-drinks until 2am. At 2am, the bar will convert to a delicious snack lounge serving tea and coffee until 10 am.

If you want to escape the bass trap, there will be a newly installed chill-zone called the "Healing Center" where the weary can enjoy cold refreshments, candle-lit massages, soothing tea and mellow music can be enjoyed from the comfort of our cozy pillows and fuzzy blankets. The "Healing Center" will remain open during the other stages' hours and is a great place to catch your breath or just catch up with friends.

Catch and Release fishing is welcome again this year, please respect our no barbed hooks policy.

Please bring you brightest totems decked out in neon and phosphorescent paints, our photographers will find you and Instagram will love you.

Paper Diamond — Starting on the violin and working his way through traditional guitar, bass and drums—Alexander Botwin better known as Paper Diamond—has run the musical gauntlet. His experience with traditional instruments, recording and producing paid off in 2010 when he was signed to Pretty Lights' label, Pretty Lights Music.

What's really unique about his set is the light show, each night it's entirely improvised on-stage. Paper Diamond controls his light show though an I-pad that is syncs two laptops together, one running Ableton the other his light program, are you excited for rain drops of specter light?

Mt Eden — The New Zealand Dubstep duo—Jesse Cooper and Harly Rayner—started as a hip hop mix collaboration. After attending several New Zealand EDM festivals, Cooper had a change of heart, changed his EQ and started a YouTube channel named "MtEdenDnB08," named after his home, Mt. Eden. Around 2010 Cooper teamed up with Ryan and renamed the group to Mt Eden. Since then it's only been a steady upward climb, Mt Eden is signed to Ultra Music.

Catch their set and be transported around the world to the rainforests of Sierra Leon without ever leaving our Blue Mountain canopy of California Redwoods.

Bleep Bloop — Scrambled club beats are a trademark Bleep Bloops' sound. Musical Scrabble, take anything, everything, warp it with some way-out phasers and grimey trap beats and your fingernails are just starting to scratch the surface.

Just make sure you don't break your fingers while fist-pumping to his sure to be thumping set.

CloZee —Clozee is just one of our many artists from abroad. Hailing from France Chloé Herry—better known as CloZee—brings her bold flavor of worldly inspired subs and dubs. Equally at home on the mixing console and classical guitar, CloZee brings her masterful artistic aesthetic to our scenic Organic setting, serenity is sure ensue.

Will you take off with Clozee and soar through our overgrowth canopy, sky's the limit afterall.

Mistah F.A.B. — What kind of Bay Area inspired event would exclude tribute to Bay Area Hip Hop? Bringing Mistah Fab to Organic is just the start of a larger tradition in the works. As Organic grows we want to bring you the best artists from across genres.

F.A.B. is just the MC to push the boundaries, bringing you closer to the Bay's Hyphy history.

The multi-platinum writer and MC—Stanley Cox—goes by the acronym "Money Is Something To Always Have — FaEva Afta Bread." F.A.B. rose to notoriety after spotlighting on a series of Mac Dre 'Thizz Nation' mixtapes.

F.A.B. might have two Mazerattis but he's also put some of his bread to good use as a community activist.

Are you ready to join our unique grassroots music family? Lay your roots at Organic Fest, a festival made by fans for the fans.

Born as a bedroom idea, Co-Founders Greg James and Sam Alavi launched Organic out of the sheer desire to cater to the best audience, Bassheads.

Truly, they set their sights on providing an explosive line-up last year, which featured EMD earth-shaker Liquid Stranger, Bay Area Hip Hop legend Zion I, Buku and an array of amazing artists.

Now they've turned their attention to building up the Organic Experience. When you attend Organic this year take a moment to appreciate this manicured microcosm. A small town is being built just for you to enjoy!

Gain a glimpse of human nature like no other and lay new roots with our Organic Community in the beautiful Blue Mountains. We're waiting to welcome you.Dance, swim, run and relax with us at Organic Fest '17 — Tickets on sale now

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Organic Fest 2017 Full Lineup

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