Paige Clem's Firefly Album Release Party

Article Contributed by Paige Clem | Published on Thursday, February 22, 2018

This is it, friends — two and a half years in the making (about 5 if you count when I started trying to put together crowdfunding videos). I am thrilled, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, eager, and a whole lot of other words in anticipation of this big event that doesn't feel unlike planning a wedding.

On Friday, March 9th, my debut record, Firefly, will be released for all to hear! In celebration of the project and the efforts and all the amazing funders and friends and supporters who have been part of this, I will be having an Album Release Party in The Grate Room at Terrapin Crossroads that very evening and I hope beyond hope that you can be there.

You'll see from the list above that I have a cavalcade (big word!) of guests planned for the night and I can not wait to share their talents with you. So much fun planned for the evening...amazing guitarists, percussion, horns, strings, a freakin CHOIR!  I also commissioned Petaluma graphic artist, Katie Kincade, to create the amazing event poster seen above that includes graphic elements depicting imagery from every song on the album. Katie will be signing a limited-run of a special commemorative version of the poster and I'll be there with signing as well with, cough, my CDs!!  "Paige, do you have a CD of your music?" "WHY YES! YES I DO!"

If you don't ever make one of my shows again, PLEASE make this one. It would mean the world to me to pack the house with friends for this special night. Tickets are $15 (not bad for a Grate Room show on a Friday night!) in advance, $18 day of. Feel free to buy 2. Or 4. Or 14. Seriously, I have band to feed...  Can't make it? I hear Firefly Record Release Tickets make AMAZING not-quite St. Patricks Day gifts. Tell your friends!  Bring your friends!  We don't call this my Shameless Self Promotion emailer for nothing...

Oh yeah one more thing...the show is ALL AGES!  Not a common occurrence for a Grate Room show and I'm grateful to Terrapin Crossroads making it so I can celebrate this special evening with my own kiddo around. I promise to try to keep the profanity to a minimum if you bring yours.... :)

Truly, thank you all for the support through this. This record is built on the backs (and backing) of HUNDREDS of people. I can't wait to celebrate it with you!

Peace, Love and Music!
~ Paige