Peach Music Festival 2022 Day 1 | Montage Mountain | 06/30/2022

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Friday, July 8, 2022

The tenth annual Peach Music Festival kicked off at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa last Thursday, June 30th. Daily headliners included the surging bluegrass artist Billy Strings, along with Keller Williams and the Allman Brothers tribute band, Trouble No More. The first day utilized only two stages and started later in the evening, allowing campers to get settled in. Overall, festival goers were treated to a special night of music.

Keller Williams | Peach Music Fest

The music started later on opening night at the Peach Music Festival, albeit with picture perfect weather. Campers needed time to set up camp on the hill behind the stage area. Only two stages were in action: the Groove Stage, which features emerging artists, and the Peach Stage, which is the largest stage.

The Peach Stage | Peach Music Festival

The Groove Stage hosted artists like Miss Mojo, JD Simo, Carly Moffa and Tand Band. The NYC based jazz trio Consider the Source performed an exciting late evening set. Pennsylvania local's Yam Yam brought their mix of funk and jazz to close out the night on this high energy stage.

Keller Williams | Peach Music Festival

The Peach Stage is the main stage at the Peach Music Festival, and hosted some heavy weights on this Thursday night. Midnight North and Samantha Fish got the party started. One man band Keller Williams delivered a fiery set mixed with covers and originals. He notably busted out "Freaker by the Speaker" from his 2002 release, Laugh.

Billy Strings | Photo by Killahwave/Jamie Huenefeld

Grammy winning Billy Strings brought his talented band of musicians to the Peach Stage. This evening's line up included Alex Hargreaves (fiddle). Strings notably welcomed Hargreaves into his band officially the following Sunday. The innovative bluegrass squad had multi-color LED panels behind them, coordinated with the stellar lights.

Fiddler Alex Hargreaves, who joined Billy String's band after Peach Fest | Peach Music Fest

Trouble No More handled the late night duties, and covered the the legendary Allman Brothers' album, Eat a Peach.

Billy Strings | Photo by Killahwave/Jamie Huenefeld

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The dance party got fuego during Trouble No More | Peach Music Fest