Montage Mountain

The eleventh annual Peach Music Festival in Moosic, PA at the Montage Mountain Ski Resort kicked off without a hitch on June 29, 2023. Despite a heat wave running through the country, the Northeast has seen very mild weather thus far, and Day One at the Peach was no exception. The merch table sold a lot of hoodies after the sun went down. The first day had a lighter schedule in comparison to the other days, and only one of the three stages had artists.

The Peach Music Festival casually moved into day four, with the Black Crowes and The Word headlining this final day. Clear skies allowed the music to rage with out a hitch. Many folks left early today, and the crowd density was much less.

The tenth annual Peach Music Festival kicked off at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa last Thursday, June 30th.

The Peach Music Festival is almost upon us with over fifty artists scheduled to play. Located in the beautiful landscape of Montage Mountain near Scranton, Pa, the event takes place on June 30 - July 3rd.

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