Pelagic Zone | New Music Review

Article Contributed by Lindsay Paris | Published on Monday, August 19, 2013

Pelagic Zone is a Germany-based jam band reflecting an improvisational style built on the roots of original instrumental jams. Pelagic is a Grecian word describing the open sea, far from the coast and sea floor. This can be interrupted in their musical style, floating free and open with plenty of room for surprises and improvisations. This creative group made up of four talented artists spent over two and a half years creating the entire album. From the lyrics and composition to the recording and mixing, the Pelagic Zone produced an artistic album that is unique to each member of the band. Listening to the album, you hear hints of jazz and funk mastered with some rock and even some exciting electronic elements thrown in the mix. This album captures the versatility and creativeness of the band as a whole. Each member uses their creative talents and, once all mixed together, they have formed a uniquely real collaboration of artistic brilliance. While Germany may not be known for their jam bands, the Pelagic Zone has begun an inspiring trend that I believe will catch on quickly and spread wide. Sharing music, lyrics, designs and masterings of a new trend in genres, this band's live performance is sure to keep the audience on their feet. We can all appreciate some good vibes relatable to this generation but derived from past musicians and talents that can never be replaced, however, they live on in bands such as Pelagic Zone, built on pure talent and creativity. It is a truly artistic album with a free soul that will continue to float on.