The Penny Serfs To Release New Album

Article Contributed by Big Picture Media | Published on Saturday, December 6, 2014

Iowa-based American indie rock band, The Penny Serfs, are excited to announce their new album, Like Eating Glass, which will be released on January 20th2015. The album acts as a vehicle for which The Penny Serfs search for their identity in this modern world run by money; fueled by sexism and fear. These songs are the band's way of confronting the conundrums and frustrations that life throws. For more information, please visit:

Formed in 2012 and hailing from all parts of the country - Brooklyn, NY to Scottsdale, AZ - Michael Loy (lead vocals, guitar),Andrew Linley (bass, vocals), Stu Tenold (keyboards, vocals) and Kyle Lewis (drums), found common ground in working with successful artists, The National and Regina Spektor, on the production side of the music business. As time passed, the group decided that working on the sidelines just wasn't fulfilling enough. Between working gigs with other bands and schlepping gear at local day jobs, the band took their inspiration and flew to Stone Mountain, Georgia to record with producer Rick Beato(NeedtobreatheBoys Like GirlsShinedown). The result is the upcoming release, Like Eating Glass. The six tracks on the album cover a wide array of subjects and conflicts in everyday American life.

The Penny Serfs call on British icons Ray Davies and John Lennon as well as American artists Kurt Cobain and Ian MacKayeas the major source of inspiration for the band. The influences these artists have over the band are prominent in every song - from the layered guitar riffs and trippy synthesizer harmonies to the funk rhythm - all elements blending together seamlessly to make their sound truly unique.

The first single off the EP, "Dead Love", with lyrics like "lovers mistake, you take too much of it and you waste it," is a look into the future and how time has made it hard to trust anyone, which leave mistakes and skeletons with no closet to hide in. Ultimately, it's about trying to love someone without masking any inner demons or a wicked past.

Regarding the upcoming release, The Penny Serfs tell us, "the album is an approach at the idea of a one true love being derailed by the internet paradox: being so connected to everything yet loneliness is everywhere. All of the songs show the painful reality that every battery must have a positive and a negative. With life must come death, with light must come darkness, and as the sun rises it must always set for the world to keep spinning."

The Penny Serfs will release Like Eating Glass on January 20th, 2015.