Pickathon Returning to Pendarvis Farm in 2022

Article Contributed by HearthMusic | Published on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

We’re happy to announce that Pickathon is officially returning in 2022! We’ll be back at our beloved Pendarvis Farm from August 4 to August 7 this year.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday March 9 at 9am Pacific. The 2022 lineup announcement will come later in the month.

A New Pickathon for a New World! That’s what we’re promising in 2022. The world sure feels different today and we’re facing unprecedented challenges everywhere we turn. Pickathon has always been a leader in responding to a changing environment. Our innovations in programming and site design have made this possible, and we’ve always strived to create the best festival experience possible. In an era of unprecedented climate change and urbanization, we can’t pretend that this won’t transform Pickathon and many other festivals. We led the charge for green music festivals, pioneering the modern “zero waste festival” by eliminating single use containers. And this was just the beginning of our work. In the past year, we’ve already created a first-of-its-kind live streaming platform, FRQNCY, to keep artists and fans together remotely. But to bring Pickathon back in 2022, we needed to rethink everything. And we did!

In 2022, we’re embracing Pendarvis Farm and nestling into the forests, fields, and meadows of this unique site like never before. We’ve collaborated with local designers to create an experience that maintains the intimacy and connectedness between the audience and the performers while responding closely to the cycles of the day. When the sun is high in the sky, you’ll discover new forested music stages, set under the natural shade of the evergreen trees of the Pacific Northwest. As the sun sets, you’ll move to meadows with sweeping vistas of Mt Hood to enjoy open air programming on stages that come alive at night. There will be other changes for sure, and of course all the little innovations at Pickathon that we all take for granted (will return: glorious outdoor showers with water recycling, unprecedented bicycle access from Portland to the fest, stages built as lush, living gardens, and food vendors drawn from the best that Portland’s famous culinary scene has to offer).