Rodrigo y Gabriela at GentJazz 2009

Article Contributed by kelly | Published on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero met as teenagers in Mexico City. Both heavy metal fanatics at that time, they decided to combine their talents in the metal group Tierra Acida. They recorded an album, but wouldn’t sign the record contract. Instead, they decided to concentrate on learning more guitar styles. They survived by teaching lessons during the day and playing bossa novas in hotel bars at night. One day, they decided to take a step in the unknown and traveled to Europe. They ended up in Dublin, where they still are based today.

Rodrigo y Gabriela create a unique sound on their acoustic guitars. They describe their style as ‘fusion music’. You might call it a mixture of flamenco, rock, and metal influences.

They recorded their first album ‘Re-Foc’ in 2003. Since then, several albums followed such as ‘Live: Manchester and Dublin’, ‘Rodrigo y Gabriela’, ‘Live in Japan’,…

I had the honor to see this Mexican duo at GentJazz, a festival which took place in the gardens of the Bijloke, one of the most beautiful sites of Ghent, from July 8-19. This year, the festival counted 35.000 visitors!

Rodrigo y Gabriela performed on Friday July 17. There was a good atmosphere that night, with a lot of interaction between the guitar-players and the audience. Wonderful!

They create the most amazing sounds on their guitar! They played a mixture of self-written compositions such as Diablo Rojo, Tamacun, Satori and Juan Loco, and alternative covers of songs of Metallica (Orion) and Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven). They also played music from their new album “11:11”, which will be released in September. Something to look forward to!