Roots of Creations Releases Music Video For “Light It Up” ft. Mighty Mystic

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Roots of Creation is excited to release the new music video for “Light It Up!” The single first debuted late 2020 and is the first of many singles coming out from the upcoming album “Dub Free or Die Vol 1,” due out this Spring.

“Light it Up” showcases the band’s collaborative spirit and diverse sound that keeps Roots Of Creation at the top of the Reggae charts, bridging both Reggae and mainstream festivals. The song features Mighty Mystic, best known as one of the leaders in the modern reggae revival. As a Billboard chart topping musician, Mighty Mystic has worked with some of the industry’s biggest and most respected artists like Lutan Fyah and reggae icon Shaggy, and today with Roots of Creation.

Reflecting back on the song and video Tal Pearson, Roots of Creation Keyboardist, says,“Light it Up is a song meant to celebrate cannabis culture and cannabis itself! It’s supposed to be an upbeat party song that makes you want to spark one up with your friends or at a show with other people (when it’s safe again!) and hopefully people are feelin’ that! I look forward to when we can play this live and feel the vibe with the audience.”

Brett Wilson, RoC’s vocals and guitar, adds, “The chorus came from my friend Paul (aka Granite Lion Entertainment) and I were smoking a joint together after a long tour and freestyin to a beat, trying to channel my inner Nate Dogg. It amazes me how it all came together. Our team crushed the music, Mystic killed two verses and the visuals are on fire thanks to Jeff Pliskin from Raised Fist Propaganda. Pliskin, was able to capture my vision and make it come to life at Harry Browns Farm which is a legendary cannabis freedom fighters music venue and cannabis farm.”

The new music video brings the 2020 party anthem to life with belly and fire dancers, and lots of historical weed. Film at Harry Brown’s Farm home to the first cannabis liberation festival, the new video not only celebrates life but also pays homage to history. “Always forward, never straight! The War Against Some Drugs has seen many veterans, battles won and lost, and victories on the cannabis front. Up on The Hill in Starks Maine we have been on the front lines, supporting efforts to expand legal access since 1991. First with medical marijuana in the State in 1998, expanding access in 2009, and finally recreational in 2016. Popular referendums and people across the state voting, not legislators in Augusta won those victories. There is still a long way to go to protect the medical program, expand recreational access, support growers, and expunge records of all drug war veterans.

Roots of Creation has graced our stage during periods of prohibition and celebration of our right to Light It Up on The Hill. When the opportunity to have Mighty Mystic and Roots of Creation shoot a video during 2020, a year when people could not come to shows, we knew it was the right thing to do. Firebenders, artists, dancers, the community came together to help in any way they could. While we wait to welcome back to The Hill all those who call it home, we hope that Hillcats everywhere know our burning desire to gather in celebration and love again,” comments Jodi Stebbins festival publicist and operations director.

The new song features Andy “AG” Geib from Slightly Stoopid on trumpet, Billy Kottage (formerly of Reel Big Fish) on trombone, and Alex Brander of Big D & The Kids Table on percussion. It was produced by Andrew Riordan (Dub King Productions) and Brett Wilson (Bombshelter Records), and mixed and mastered by Pete “Boardz” Peloquin (Boardz House Productions). The video was directed by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda and features belly dancers from the Barefoot Truth Dance Company and fire dancers Jodi Joy Stebbins, Dillybear 420, & BusBoy (Tremblaze Entertainment).