Sawtooth Brothers' One More Flight

Article Contributed by Tinderbox Music | Published on Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Sawtooth Brothers features two sets of brothers: Clint and Luke Birtzer + Jesse and Ethan Moravec. They have spent the last decade playing, singing, performing, and growing up together, during which time they have performed across 7 states and Canada, shared the stage with Garrison Keillor and Dr. Ralph Stanley, and have received numerous accolades and awards. After recording 4 traditional bluegrass and country albums, the brothers are excited to release their first all original album, “ONE MORE FLIGHT”.

Dazzling audiences with precision picking and sharp harmonies developed over 8 years of playing, performing, and growing up together, the Sawtooth Brothers have created a strong musical rapport with one another, which is channeled through their infectious original material. The sound of the Sawtooth Brothers is rooted in traditional bluegrass instrumental and harmony work and is infl uenced by modern acoustic sounds, blending pop and indie rock sensibilities with heartfelt americana.

The album includes 11 songs, written, arranged, and performed by the band, and produced by gold record producer and engineer Dan Deurloo. This project is the band’s largest investment to date, supported by backers in a successful Kickstarter campaign. After a garnish of blood, sweat, and tears, the album is set to release on February 5th 2016.

Track list:

1. Another Cliche*
2. Country Road X
3. What's her Name?
4. On Top Of The World
5. Summer All The Time*
6. Blame it
7. Don't Go it Alone
8. The River And You
9. I Should Be Going
10. One More Flight*
11. Take Me Away