Scott Seisler Band Releases New Single for Glenn Close Charity

Article Contributed by Two Sheps That Pass | Published on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Scott Seisler, former drummer and singer from the band Black Rooster, started his music career in a unique way. It was born as a coping mechanism following tragedy that struck not once, but three times. Seisler lost his younger brother, Shawn, to an opioid-related suicide. Shortly after, his parents Paul and Beverly were both diagnosed with cancer and passed away within five months of each other. With his entire immediate family gone within a few years, Seisler decided to turn to music to heal and embark on spreading the message about the opioid and suicide crises. To help achieve this, Seisler has partnered with Glenn Close’s organization, Bring Change To Mind, donating a portion of proceeds from album sales to the organization whose mission is to end the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness.

In describing how he threw aside all previous inhibitions and picked up the drums and a microphone, Seisler explains, “When tragedy hits, we have a choice. We can go down the abyss of depression, or we can emerge with creativity and gratitude. I chose the latter. Music was always a passion of mine and the only way for me to process and cope with the loss of my brother, and subsequently my parents, was to dive into music headfirst and turn my pain into artistic expression.” Pouring his energy and heart into songwriting, Seisler penned the songs found on Missed the Last; the debut album released earlier this year alongside guitarist Bubby Jackson, bass player John Rehfuss and drummer Ben Bramhall.

The guitar-driven album, that not only mourns those since passed, but also reflects the gratitude for the memories those lives created, features dauntless drums, melodic bass lines, and powerful vocals with heartfelt storytelling lyrics. Shocked, numb, and in survival mode, Seisler went deep into the well of emotions and began to express everything he was suppressing for so long. “At the end of the day - after experiencing so much loss - you have to find the positive, ‘cause you’ll never find the “why"… I choose to live and love life in their memory… as they would want me to.”

The most poignant tune - and first single - “Missed the Last “, was written with the hope that it would not only help Seisler heal, but others too. “If it does” Seisler says, “then it would all be worth the pain of putting myself out there.“

Reflecting on the guilt Seisler carries as a result of Shawn’s suicide the chorus of this "heartbreaking and beautiful” (Pamela Harrington of Bring Change To Mind) song says:

Stopped the first time, Missed the last

Why didn’t you call so I could turn you back

This heart is broken now forever last I failed you my brother

No I can never go back

Seisler reflects, “When I really sit down and think about it, I failed him, I got the call the first time and should have been looking harder, listening and going home more and calling……. But life away in NYC got in the way. Every time I look at the words or sing the song…. It always hurts and as long as it does I will never forget; the pain will always be there every day. But… I have learned from my pain and it has made me a better person.”

The video for “Missed The Last” was shot in two places close to Seisler’s heart; his hometown of Reading, PA, and his parents’ retirement home on the Chesapeake Bay. To reflect the feeling of loneliness of the song, the Director chose to shoot in abandoned locations (the abandoned ship yard, the empty homes, and the hallow factory), each haunted with memories and a reflection of Seisler’s internal struggles; telling the story of a call that was missed.