Sensimilla Dub's "Unity" Availabe Now

Article Contributed by press | Published on Friday, January 20, 2017

The SENSIMILLA DUB “Heavy Reggae” Brazilian band, based at Ipiranga (Brazil) formed in September 2000 by Nescau Magnarello(lead singer.composer,songwriter) and Caio Bernardes(guitarist,arranjer & composer), with the proposal to make one different and original kind of Reggae music, using personal influences of others music styles, as: Black Uhuru, Led Zeppelin, Peter Tosh, The Clash, Peter Tosh, Beto Guedes, Israel Vibration, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Colera, Cidade Negra, Ratos de Porão, Tribo de Jah,Korzus,etc

In April 2016, the Brazilian record label CRASSO Records releases the album UNITY. The very first split record ever released in Brazil holds 10 tracks, being divided by the bands: BAMBÚ STATION (Virgen Islands) and SENSIMILLA DUB (Brazil).

The well-known BAMBÚ STATION, founded in 1996 by Jalani Horton from St. Thomas, Virgen Islands, is already considered one of the greatest exponents of reggae worldwide. For this release, 5 of the tracks that best represent the history of the band have been selected, putting together a compilation of “greatest hits”. The tracks Gunsmoke and One Day have been previously released on the album One Day from 2003 (Mt. Nebo Records), Birds I View is  one of the highlights of the album Break The Soil from 2006 (Mt. Nebo Records) and the most recent singles,  Leaning On Afreeka and All We Have had the public’s attention since 2012 through the album Children Of Exodus (Griotlife Recordings).

The Brazilian veterans from SENSIMILLA DUB released 5 new tracks for its half of the split album. The track A Cor Do Sol featuring Eric from the band Mato Seco, followed by the tracks E Deixa O Vento and Homens De Marte that show the musical maturity acquired by the years. Once again showing the results of the mixture of reggae and different genres, the track O Que A Ver Com Isso features artist such as Ras Menor (Rap Roots), Niko Souza and one of the Brazilian punk rock legends, Jão from Ratos de Porão. And closing the record, the track Liberdade Controlada.

All SENSIMILLA DUB’s tracks (with the exception of Liberdade Controlada, recorded at Spectrum Studios) have been produced, recorded and mixed in São Paulo at Wah Wah Studio by the respected producer Michel Kuaker (which has in his portfolio works of such artists as: Edgard Scandurra, CPM 22, Supla, Lobotomia, and Ratos de Porão).

The split album has been released and distributed by the São Paulo based record company CRASSO Records and it is available on several streaming media already.


  1. Bambú Station -Gunsmoke
  2. Bambú Station - OneDay
  3. Bambú Station - Birds IView
  4. Bambú Station - Leaning OnAfreeka
  5. Bambú Station - WeHave
  6. Sensimilla Dub - A Do (feat. Eric MatoSeco)
  7. Sensimilla Dub - E Deixa OVento
  8. Sensimilla Dub - Homens DeMarte
  9. Sensimilla Dub - LiberdadeControlada