Sour Magic set to release new single, 'Indigo'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Sour Magic is a psychedelic indie rock band formed in 2021 by Jay Waldrop (drums), Drew Morse (bass), Jonny Nasi (keys), Mauro Hernandez (guitar), and Kyle Osmun (vocals). The group quickly developed a diverse sound and an eclectic collection of songs. Having an array of different influences and a love for many genres, they stir up blues, funk, dance, surf, and post-rock with their smooth yet striking vocals into an intoxicating brew of psychedelic splendor.

Sour Magic’s sounds will take you from Colorado’s indigo mountaintops to Australia’s golden coast. From a soulful Beale Street club to a thudding Amsterdam discotheque. From a dingy basement party to a grand, roaring stadium.

No matter where Sour Magic takes you, one thing is certain: they’ll make you move your body.

The band's first single Indigo, off their upcoming 8-track EP, will be released on all major streaming platforms on July 22, 2022.

Indigo tells the story of the double-edged sword of a tumultuous relationship. Ego, lies, and the fear of wasting time softened by the memories of closeness and nostalgia that led you together in the first place. The fierce driving beat and slicing guitar coupled with a pillowy instrumental and floaty vocals; the ups, downs and shifts all playing out in their own chapters. You’re out at sea and once the clouds part, you hold on to the memory of the sunset instead of the storm you just braved through.

The track was produced, recorded, and mixed by Dan Timmers from local psych-rock standouts Moonlight Bloom, and was sent off to Peru to be mastered by sound engineer Jonay Martinez.

Sour Magic will be playing the Psychs Peak music festival on July 23rd and The Roxy on Broadway on August 12th. Check out our Bandsintown and follow us on Instagram to buy tickets & keep up with us for all future releases and shows.