Sour Magic

Denver's own psychedelic rock sensation, Sour Magic, has been captivating audiences far and wide since bursting onto the scene in 2022. Fresh off being named one of Colorado's Top 10 Acts by CPR's Indie 102.3, the band continues to push the boundaries of music and emotion with their latest single, "Black Roses," off their highly anticipated second album, "The Hive."

The Craft Behind "Black Roses"


Denver-based band Sour Magic is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their third single, "High Tide". Set to drop on Friday March 10th, this crackling warm track is promising to reshape the band’s sound again, just in time for sunny weather.

“This one’s a throwback Surf jam in many ways, but, as always with Sour Magic, there’s a dramatic twist or irony. It’s about rising tides, climbing temperatures, distrust of authority, and the seeming hopelessness of it all” said Bass player Drew Morse.


Sour Magic is a psychedelic indie rock band formed in 2021 by Jay Waldrop (drums), Drew Morse (bass), Jonny Nasi (keys), Mauro Hernandez (guitar), and Kyle Osmun (vocals). The group quickly developed a diverse sound and an eclectic collection of songs. Having an array of different influences and a love for many genres, they stir up blues, funk, dance, surf, and post-rock with their smooth yet striking vocals into an intoxicating brew of psychedelic splendor.

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