Southern Ontario's FOG Blues & Brass Band Release New Single Poor Man's Throne

Article Contributed by Sarah French P… | Published on Sunday, January 21, 2024

Following the success of their 2023 EP Twelve Bar Prescription, which garnered a Maple Blues Award nomination for Horn Player Of The Year for FOG Blues & Brass Band saxophonist Dan Jancar, the Kitchener, Ontario based band have released this self recorded/produced single tribute to Copperpenny.

Originally written & recorded by Copperpenny, "Sittin’ On A Poor Man’s Throne" was released in 1973. In 1977, Bobby “Blue’ Bland (seven time Grammy nominee and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee) released his own version. Fast forward to 2024, FOG Blues & Brass Band (with the blessing and encouragement of original writers Bill Mononen, Ron Hiller and Rich Wamil) release their version simply called "Poor Man’s Throne"

Bobby Becker (FOG Keyboardist) and Bill Mononen (Copperpenny) have been friends since the early 70’s. This friendship eventually led to a song writing collaboration with FOG and Mononen. In fact, the collaboration brought forth the title track on FOG’s 2018 debut album Into The Fog. Bill also co wrote "Automatic Blues" the first track on the 2018 release. “Recording and releasing ‘Poor Man’s Throne’ is in many ways us saying thank you to Bill, and of course paying tribute to Copperpenny", says Jancar. “Poor Man’s Throne has been a staple in our live shows since the early days of FOG Blues & Brass Band.

Friendship and collaboration are not the only connections Copperpenny and FOG Blues & Brass Band have. They share roots in Kitchener Ontario, where both bands were formed and cultivated followings. Copperpenny in 1968, FOG Blues & Brass Band in 2016. Nearly 50 years passing between the two bands. Yet, the love of creating music binds them. Music will always find a way!