SunSquabi presents Instinct Remixed

Article Contributed by 11E1even Management | Published on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Colorado-based hydro-funk trio Sunsquabi has invited some of their closest friends and musical peers to REMIX their latest release Instinct. Chris Karns, Late Night Radio and Nobide will all be featured on REMIXES, each putting their own stylish spin on the track of their choice.

DMC World Champion and turntable wizard Chris Karns is the first up in the REMIX series with his take on the track PANGOLIN. Available on all platforms Aug. 23rd, Karns took his intimate knowledge of the song and used the remix as an opportunity to dive deeper into its’ bouncy vibe giving it a more head nodding lilt and peppering it with lighting quick turntable cuts and hip-hop samples.

Instinct is a biological-themed journey of evolution. With the addition of Josh Fairman (bass/synth bass) last year and new levels of compositional prowess and sound design, it is evident that the group is dedicated to forward trajectory and experimentation. Each song’s namesake inspired by a creature or biological element is a reflection of every track taking on a distinct life of its own.

About SunSquabi

There’s a place, deep in the cosmos, where jam bands and electronic dance music intersect with rhythm-driven funk. You’ll feel like you’re floating here but not lost completely to the atmospheric elements. Instead, you’re tethered to an avant-garde spaceship with Colorado-based SunSquabi on the frequency. This cosmic wonderland is a melting pot of a variety of musical genres and it represents the future of music.

A three-piece suit - SunSquabi has been catching the eyes and ears of music fans around the world with their ever-evolving sound in the studio and on the live stage. SunSquabi has gained national attention for their unique way of producing music. The band’s live show can be described as an ‘Electronic Hydro Funk Experience’ that is different every single time out. SunSquabi continues to break down and analyze the expectations of what a “Live-Electronic” band should be. The band unveiled their debut EP with All Good Records, titled, ‘Odyssey’ which featured artists GRiZ and Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic. Their 2nd EP ‘Deluxe’ was a sophomore success with the label that continued where Odyssey left off. The band has now released 2 singles ‘Just A Little’ and ‘Caterpillar’ ahead of their upcoming 2018 release.

Combining the talents of Kevin Donohue (guitars/keys/production) Josh Fairman (bassist/synth) and Chris Anderson (drums). This project is a disciplined and structured group. It takes a seasoned musician to stay in the pocket for the sake of building well-developed lines and climaxes. To do that seamlessly requires patience and skill. “It’s kinda like breathing, honestly. We can communicate directly with each other both verbally and non-verbally, onstage and off.” That connection will take the music collectively where we all want to go.” – Kevin Donohue