Today Full Moonalice proudly release BIRD SONG

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Monday, July 13, 2020

According to Full Moonalice legend, social distancing and face masks are the new normal. They may be temporary, but the duration of that temporary is unknown.

Social distancing and face masks provide a persistent reminder of things past, particularly those things foregone in the interest of public health. Our freedom of movement has been reduced. We cannot gather with friends. We can no longer play or attend concerts in public venues. We miss these things. We pine for them, counting days in the hope that we will regain our freedom of movement and association.

The Full Moonalice album was recorded in November 2019, which now seems like a different era. It was the era before Covid-19, the economic contraction, and the murder of George Floyd, an era when racism was a fact of life for every person of color. When police brutality and legal injustice were pervasive and seldom questioned. When it was impossible to have a serious debate about defunding police, an idea that 77% of Americans in a recent Monmouth University poll understood to mean as a call for reform.

In the midst of a pandemic and economic correction, the United States is rethinking its culture and politics in ways that would have been inconceivable when the year began. From this, we take hope. And inspiration. And even, for some, a calling. On issue after issue, the people are raising their voices. Passivity is giving way to activism.

Music has always given voice to the oppressed and provided a sound track for social justice movements. Full Moonalice is committed to a better America. We want to do what we can to make sure that every person in this country enjoys the benefits of equal opportunity, respect, and protection under the law. The events of the recent past underscore how far the country is from this ideal, but we embrace the challenge and hope you will join us. Social justice requires the commitment of the masses. That is us.

Today we are releasing the sixth song (of eighteen) from the Full Moonalice album: Bird Song. As depicted in the poster by Dennis Larkins, Bird Song is a tribute to Janis Joplin, written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. Jerry and Hunter have joined Janis at the great gig in the sky, so our version — and Dennis’ poster — are a tribute to them, too. The ethereal harmonies of the T Sisters arrangement of Bird Song defines our tribute to three people who inspired us.

We will launch the official video of Bird Song on today’s Doobie Decibel System livestream at 4:20 pm Pacific Time. You can watch the stream on,, the Moonalice YouTube channel, and @Moonalice on Twitter.

Full Moonalice is not livestreaming on Facebook this month in support of #StopHateForProfit, a campaign created by the NAACP, Color of Change, ADL, CommonSense Media, FreePress, and other civil rights organizations, calling on marketers to pause their advertising on FB for at least a month to protest the amplification of hate. We recognize that our decision to pause our use of Facebook Live imposes on many of you. We thank you for understanding that our commitment to social justice will have a cost, in this case one we believe is small in comparison to the benefit.