The Victor Wooten Trio is Hitting the Road

Article Contributed by | Published on Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Victor Wooten Trio, featuring saxophonist Bob Franceschini and drummer Dennis Chambers have added new dates to their 2017 tour! Many dates are on sale now so check the schedule below and get your tickets now! To see complete tour dates, visit
1.18* New York TICKETS        3.10* Minneapolis TICKETS
1.19* New York TICKETS   3.11 Elgin, IL TICKETS
1.20* New York TICKETS   3.23 Fort Collins, CO TICKETS
1.21* New York TICKETS   3.24 Denver, CO TICKETS
1.22* New York TICKETS   3.25 Boulder, CO TICKETS
2.24 Cambridge, MA TICKETS   3.28 St. Louis, MO TICKETS
2.25 Cambridge, MA   TICKETS         3.29 Germantown, TN  TICKETS
2.26 Plymouth, NH TICKETS   3.30 Fayetteville, AR TICKETS
2.27 Alexandria, VA TICKETS   3.31 Dallas, TX TICKETS
3.1 Annapolis, MD TICKETS   4.1 Austin, TX TICKETS
3.2 Richmond, VA TICKETS   4.2 Houston, TX TICKETS
3.3 Rocky Mount, VA TICKETS   4.3 Oklahoma City TICKETS
3.4  Ardmore, PA TICKETS   4.5 Des Moines, IA TICKETS
3.5  Buffalo, NY TICKETS   4.6 To Be Announced!  
3.8  Iowa City, IA TICKETS   4.7 To Be Announced!  
3.9* Minneapolis TICKETS   4.8 Urbana, IL TICKETS
 *Two shows per night