'The Voice Remains' New Album by Nir Yaniv, Out June 2018

Article Contributed by EMPKT PR | Published on Thursday, March 15, 2018

The LA-based, successful multifaceted creative, Nir Yaniv, is gearing up to release his new EP, The Voice Remains. The album is comprised entirely by vocals and drums. All the vocals, including the ones serving as bass, guitars and keyboards, were performed by Nir, while the drums were played by, Israeli musician, Karen Teperberg. 

The music moves between energetic and meditative, but never loses its basic underlying happiness. It is about journeys to faraway places, sometimes inside one’s own mind, about discovery of others and of one’s self, and thus change. All this was greatly influenced by Nir’s own experiences in recent years. 

Inspiration for the project came from an eclectic range of music and art, including vintage funk, 70’s progressive rock, famous movie soundtracks and old French animation films. It also builds upon Nir’s past work with vocal groups (Funkapella, Vocaliens, King&Nir) and as a live musician for a dance company.

Another factor in the creation of this album was an audio effect called Manipulator, created by Polyverse Music. This toll enabled Nir to easily change the nature of his vocal performance and create lower and higher octaves and great harmonies. While Nir has done all that numerous times in the past, this audio plugin made it so much easier, that in fact it was during Nir’s beta-testing period for it that the album was initiated.
The Voice Remains comes out on June 15, 2018. Stay tuned!