Worcester's Own Ripple Effect Unveils Genre-Blending EP 'Storm Rolls In'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ripple Effect, a music band from Worcester, Massachusetts, has made a significant impact on the local music scene with their new EP "Storm Rolls In." The band consists of Bob Moon, Jesse Garcia, Austin Magnant, Josh Briggs, and Jon Cotoni, and is known for its genre-blending style, combining rock, jam band psychedelia, funk, and country elements.

Each of the five members contributes to the vocal elements of the band, offering a rich and harmonious listening experience. Their EP, available on all major streaming platforms, takes listeners on a journey through different musical stories and emotions. Tracks like "Junk Train" and "Storm Rolls In" showcase a range of rhythmic and tonal diversity, while songs like "Gone" and "Hell Ain’t Deep Enough" explore themes of loss and high-energy anthems, respectively.

Jesse Garcia highlights the band's aim to create an EP that is not only diverse in its musical influences but also provides a vivid and immersive journey for the audience. Each track is distinct in its story and sound, offering a rich listening experience.

Ripple Effect has also released a music video for "Junk Train" on YouTube, adding a visual dimension to their artistic expression. The band's energy, reminiscent of live performances, and their polished musicianship, invite both new and seasoned music fans to explore the varied soundscapes they have created.

To delve deeper into Ripple Effect's music, fans can access their work on streaming platforms and YouTube. The band's dedication to exploring musical boundaries while honoring their roots is evident in both "Storm Rolls In" and the "Junk Train" music video. For more information and links to their social media, visit their link tree at Ripple Effect's Linktree.