China Cats

FRIDAY AUGUST 11th, let’s get naughty in Cotati with THE CHINA CATS! This Santa Cruz phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the hottest Grateful Dead tribute bands in California. They simultaneously encapsulate the raw psychedelic eruptions of the 60s, the majestic escapades of the 70s and the funky, electro ferociousness of the 80s. They offer a truly immersive experience through the eras and songs. We're talking about ferocious jamming with plenty of flair and finesse.



Crockett, CA

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The sun came out bathing the Ventura fairgrounds in a beautiful orange glow as sleepy festival goers woke from a long night of music and partying. The noontime drum circle was the wake-up call for many. But it wasn’t until about 3 PM, when Northern California’s premiere Grateful Dead cover band, the China Cats took the stage, that most people finally gathered together for a dance jam. The group formed in 2008 in Santa Cruz California and has garnered a loyal following since.