Adam Wakefield

In Adam Wakefield’s debut album with Average Joes Entertainment, Gods & Ghosts, Memphis soul meets New Orlean’s funk. Think crisp air, crystal blue lakes and a guitar by a fireplace. Wakefield’s songs are laced with irony and heartache. His robust vocals jolt his lyrics to life, and he’s got you right where he wants you. The swooning instrumentals in the background mixed with his melodic voice will have you envisioning Gods & Ghosts.

When one hears the name ‘Adam Wakefield’ many things come to mind; however, one thing in particular takes precedent: his successful run on The Voice season 10. Via the show, the world was introduced to a soulful voice that is difficult to forget and an instrumentalist that is undeniably talented, both tied into one man who pairs the two gifts to create music we can all relate to.

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