Boris Garcia

From junior high school on, Jeff Otto had a guitar in his hand and a gig to go to, everything from power trios to cover bar bands to coffee house solo gigs and “anything in between.”  But when his first child was born, he stopped gigging and made up for it with a weekly jam session that began to yield songs.  “We were doing some gypsy music, an improvisational mixture of stuff.  It was really east meets west.  Boris sounded east and Garcia west and so we chose the name Boris Garcia.”

Boris Garcia has got quite the tenure on the road, touring for over eight years with five albums to date. Their newest release, Around Some Corner, offers their finest material to date. Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Bob Stirner sat down with Grateful Web to talk about the new album and other exciting endeavors.

GW: Tell me about your formational years as a musician. Who were some influential musicians or acts to you?

Boris Garcia’s new album Around Some Corner is concurrently refreshing and reminiscent. Producer Tim Carbone gelled conspicuously with the pop-Americana sextet, polishing off their most developed offering to date. The Philadelphia based group doesn’t seem to care about proving themselves as genre bending or cutting edge since their songwriting, and musical sincerity shines beyond anything contrived.

Philadelphia’s own Boris Garcia will release Around Some Corner on Porchwerk Music label for fans everywhere.  The band called on their secret weapon, Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth fame to take the role of producing the album. Carbone moves Boris Garcia’s songs of whimsy and emotion and molds them into complex compositions, making it look effortless.

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