Consider The Source

In just a few weeks Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Prog-Rockers Consider the Source will reunite for their 3rd stream since quarantine, this time to bring back their famed "Radiohead Set". You may have caught their Radiohead rearrangements a few years ago when they introduced the concept at select festivals and venues but now the masses will have the opportunity to experience this performance from the comfort of their own homes.

Sci-fi Middle Eastern Prog-Fusion Rockers Consider the Source cordially invite you to their first LIVE STREAM since quarantine! It’s been 2 long months since the three band members have seen each other, let alone play music together but the wait is almost over.

Acclaimed live music venue inside a cave, The Caverns, and emerging dynamic rock powerhouse band, Papadosio, have partnered to present an intimate 1,000 capacity 2-night event deep underground called S

Consider the Source is gearing up for an epic 2020 with lengthy touring and plans to release a new HYBRID album in late summer consisting of songs written with both acoustic and electric instruments.  While known for their aggressive use of cutting-edge technology and technical wizardry, the band also has been developing a softer side.  This shift in stylistic approach is one that the band has wanted to do for quite some time, all the while staying true to their "Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion" sound their fa

For over 10 years Consider The Source has been steadily touring their high-octane, gear-drenched "Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion" shows throughout the United States as well as to Turkey, Israel, Germany and more. While known for their aggressive use of cutting edge technology and technical wizardry the band also has been developing a softer side.

Consider The Source played a show with some incredible openers on November 2nd this year. The band is getting a lot of attention in Colorado these days, especially after having played with The Magic Beans at The Fox Theater in Boulder on Halloween.

Consider The source | Fox Theatre | 10/31/18

The Magic Beans are a band with a passion for music that is as infectious as their songs, both of which have gained them national notoriety in a short time. Much like modern music lovers, the band’s sound isn’t confined to one-genre. The Beans strive to be as inclusive as possible by skirting the lines between many genres within their unique sound. Listeners are left with a danceable ode to funk, rock, bluegrass, livetronica, Americana, world, prog, and more. Music can encompass so many different feels and emotions.

NYC trio Consider the Source defy easy description. If intergalactic beings of pure energy, after initiation into an order of whirling dervishes, built some kind of pan-dimensional booty-shaking engine, powered by psychedelics and abstract math, it’d probably just sound like a CTS tribute band. Drawing from progressive rock, fusion and jazz, with alien sounds soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles, CTS blends disparate parts into a striking, utterly original whole.

The eclectic progressive/fusion trio Consider The Source has announced a string of new tour dates, which kicked off in New Hampshire on August 27 and includes stops in Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York and Boston. See the complete list of tour dates below.

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