Curt Ramm

Curt Ramm is excited to announce the release of the fourth single ‘Pontchartrain’ off his stellar and critically acclaimed island influenced, Reggae instrumental album Rogue Island. The new song mixes Curt’s swinging horns with classic reggae riffs to create an ode to the Big Easy and the resilience of the city. The forthcoming album is due out July 2nd on Rocktorium Records. Catch the new song here.

Curt Ramm is excited to announce his newest album, Rogue Island, due out this July on Rocktorium Records. Born in the throes of 2020’s COVID-19 shutdowns, the new album is a beacon of positivity and uplifting vibes. This instrumental soundscape is set to be the perfect Summer soundtrack, and will be available everywhere you stream music on July 2nd.

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