Damon Fowler

Damon Fowler is pleased to announce the upcoming release of his new album. Damon Fowler & Friends' LIVE AT THE PAVILLION on January 20th via Landslide Records.


A hard-driving guitarist, singer & songwriter, Damon Fowler’s music is steeped with soul and representative of the many styles that make up American music's roots. He has gained his peers' respect given his featured slot in Butch Truck's Freight Train band and his side gig as guitarist in the Dickey Betts Band. Critics have compared Fowler's guitar work to Johnny Winter and Jeff Beck, while his slide guitar is reminiscent of the late Duane Allman.


Damon Fowler is proud to announce the release of his eighth album, Alafia Moon. It will drop via Landslide Records, March 26, 2021Florida's Gulf Coast has produced a plethora of distinctive musicians, from the blues of Tampa Red to jazz greats Cannonball and Nat Adderley to former Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts to The Outlaws.

Recently, I read an online article arguing the inevitable demise of rock music. The writer saw fit to place the blame upon a variety of conditions, from the public unfairly judging bands by their looks (As opposed to their music), to band classifications and whether or not they deserve to be considered “classic”, to the topic of sexism in music, stating that it should be more appealing to the “fairer sex”.

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