An evening with decker. is a rock 'n' roll concert, a traveling salvation show and a healthy dose of desert psychedelia. It's designed to move souls, to leave its grooves on listeners, to elevate the collective consciousness of the audience through the music and the words of the lead visionary himself, Brandon Decker. This is what his following has come to expect of him—part frontman, part preacher. Though there is no religion being spoken of, there is a gospel according to decker.


Sedona, AZ-based artist, decker. has released a video for "Awake," the third single off his new full-length album, 'Born To Wake Up,' out now on Royal Potato Family. Premiered by Relix Magazine, the clip is comprised of deliberate, tight shots on the faces of people across a range of ages and races, bringing into focus the conviction of the song's refrain, "You are the one."


A near-fatal car accident would set most bands back months, maybe years. Arizona-based trio decker. pulled through the experience and released their fourth album just six months later. The gritty folk-rock band is led by Brandon Decker, whose first album, Long Days, debuted in 2009. Four albums in four years may seem like a lot, but Decker has been piling up praise with every new release.With the help of a Kickstarter campaign and some faithful fans, decker. released Slider on February 26.

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